Afro-Karayib : Ap-leve

Affiche pour le film documentaire “Afro-Karayib: Ap-leve” réalisé par ma soeur. Le documentaire traite de la danse afro-caribéenne. Poster for the documentary film “Afro-Karayib: Ap-leve” directed by my sister. The film is about Afro-Caribbean dance.

Memefest: Love, Conflict, Imagination & Water Privatisation

I’ve recently submitted some personal design work I made to Memefest, which describes itself as an international online festival of radical communication. I think the initiative is brilliant, there are so few online communities oriented towards social or activist communication, and I think it’s a theme that is not often explored especially in the graphic…

1000 Stagiaires

Poster promoting the activities surrounding Alternatives’ celebration of its 1000 intern.

Mai Ouvrier / Mayworks!

    Poster made in collaboration with my friend Hélène for the Mai Ouvrier / Mayworks festival, a series of events celebrating the May 1rst in Montreal.

Solidayiti poster

Poster for an event in solidarity with the victims of the Haïti earthquake


Projet personnel sur le conformisme

Rapport annuel: Koumbit

Annual report made as folded posters for, an organisation offering open source web services.