Jules High School & cyberbullying

I’ve recently started to volunteer with Women’s Net, a South African organisation ” that works to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa,  through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)”. I first got to know the organisation online as a member of the APC (Association for Progressive Communication), and I was particularly…

Book cover: Finding Place and Keeping Pace

Book cover design for the Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity. (CREATE) Design de la couverture d’un livre pour le Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity.

Progressive Realisation Handbook – SPII

Illustrations, Design graphique et mise en page d’un guide de plaidoyer sur le droits sociaux économiques en Afrique du Sud réalisé pour Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute. Illustrations, Graphic Design and Layout of a handbook on advocacy for socio-economic rights in South Africa for Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute.

Durban sings! (or talk!)

Last Monday, I’ve attended the Durban Sings! launch at the recent Keleketla Library. Built on the ruins of a ‘native prison’ during apartheid on what is now the Drill Hall the Keleketla library. The Drill Hall has been in the past years taken over by a collective on young people motivated by the idea of…

Memefest: Love, Conflict, Imagination & Water Privatisation

I’ve recently submitted some personal design work I made to Memefest, which describes itself as an international online festival of radical communication. I think the initiative is brilliant, there are so few online communities oriented towards social or activist communication, and I think it’s a theme that is not often explored especially in the graphic…

Take back the tech! / Tech sans violence!

I’ve done a talk on the Tech Sans Violence Campaign a little bit more than a year ago at an Open Forum organized by Communautique in Montreal. Communautique just recently posted the video online on youtube: At the time the campaign in French was just starting. For it’s third year, the APC brought it back…

Solidayiti Logo

I made this logo recently for Solidayiti. Solid’Ayiti is an initiative of artists and activists in Montreal working to build longterm solidarity between people in Montreal and movements for social justice in Haiti. You can check their work on Facebook and on Twitter.

South African Apartheid insanity in pictures: Ernest Cole

I went recently to the Johannesburg Art Gallery to see the current Ernest Cole exhibition. I didn’t know Cole before seeing the exhibition, and I caught myself thinking that i should have known him earlier. His work presented at the Joburg gallery gives you an disturbing portrait of what was life like during the apartheid…


Je suis finalement arrivée à Johannesburg il  maintenant environ 2 semaines. C’est un heureux retour dans ce pays où j’ai réalisé un stage en 2003, mais cette fois-ci c’est pour m’y installer que j’y suis. Retrouvailles heureuses avec le chéri, soleil et température printanière sont au rendez-vous. Les préparatifs de départ on été longs et…

1000 Stagiaires

Poster promoting the activities surrounding Alternatives’ celebration of its 1000 intern.